A Beautiful Paranormal Love Story – A Must Read!

15th March 2013

Dear Romance Readers,

There are many independent romance authors our there I am coming across that are very, very good writers and storytellers. In fact, I almost thought to open up a reviewers website and review the work of Independent Romance writers, however since I am working on my next historical romance, there would be little time for more than two book reviews a month, for the coming months. What I am reading now is Ethereal Desire by Kate Alister and it is my first science fiction romance. What a wonderful book! It’s a little something different than my day-to-day historical romance reads. What drew me to the book was coming across it on the romance reviews forum. Boy, am I glad I checked the book out!

Ethereal Desire is about a small town veterinarian, Brandy, who’s trying to build her practice, when she meets Luke—a man with a mystifying and secreted life. He is handsome, charming, friendly and even a little challenged at times as he strives to fit into his role of being human—adjusting to his physical form through various stimuli, and trying to understand and contain his passion for Brandy. He is an explorer of Earth, a strange and exciting new world.

Luke appears perfect to Brandy, however she is clueless to whom he really is. And though Brandy does not remember him, he has met her before. Brandy must face her own challenges concerning the direction of her life. Luke—too amazing to turn away, threatens to derail her plans, as his plan is to become an instrumental part of her life—that is until the day he must leave her. Luke’s purpose is greater than himself, and it threatens to drive him and Brandy apart.

Throwing Brandy’s overbearing uncle into the mix, only adds to the kindling fire of this unfolding story, which makes the book too hot to put down. It’s a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I often found myself smiling while reading. I also found myself wishing that Luke actually existed. Ethereal Desire is convincing and I can really feel the love between the lead characters Brandy and Luke. I highly recommend this book. This is a story about love, healing past wounds, and reconnecting to self. It’s heartwarming, cleverly written, compelling, masterfully told, and has an excellent, happy ending. Bravo! My rating 5/5 stars! You can purchase Ethereal Desire at Amazon.com.

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