Origin Houston, Texas, 1974
Author I wrote my first book when I was eight years old for an elementary school assignment. It was called Silly Excuses—a book about the wonderful excuses young children can tell their parents when they’ve been naughty. Not only did I pass the assignment with flying colors, my teacher loved the book so much that she had it published in the school library. She was the first to praise my writing and encourage me to become a writer someday. Thank you dearest teacher, someday has arrived…
Family I currently reside in The Netherlands with my husband, Pawel and our son two-year-old son, Aiden. Motherhood is terrific! Oh, and I must not forget my cat, Hermes, who is also a valued family member.
Interest My greatest loves are writing, teaching metaphysics, and life coaching. I am a metaphysician and spiritualist at heart into meditation and energy healing. But I also love watching films, anime and movies. I enjoy reading spiritual books, otherworldly fiction books and manga. I love baking sweets and window shopping for home décor for hours. So not only would I love decorating your home to your liking while you enjoy eating some “mean”  fudge brownies I’ve baked, I’m also a techie, so I could “pimp out” your computer too!


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