Greetings from New Romance Author!

29th January 2013

Hello Everyone,

This is my first blog post ever! One would think that I would have written a blog post a long time ago, being a writer and all. So, what’s my excuse… well… I don’t think I have a good one, but I know that I want to thank those wonderful persons at The Fiction Works, an online publishing company who offer eBook Formatting Services. They are expedient and great folks to work with! They also had incredible patience in working with me as I was taking some time to get them a copy of the book that I was happy with as I kept wanting to make improvements and never quit. I also, disappeared for a bit of time, due to my email crashing and they couldn’t reach me for three days, until I discovered that my email box was at its limit. So, I definitely was a client full of surprises, not likely their easiest.  But they were great! So, they are my first shout out! I would also like to thank my best friend Nicole Leigh, and my husband for offering their time to do some proof reading for me. Thanks you two! Oh, and again, I would like to thank my husband for building this website.

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