Lilac Temptress Makes Best Selling Historical America eBooks

9th February 2013

Dear Romance Readers,

Lilac Temptress, listed under Historical America on, in just one week out of 1,098 books listed in the category, became featured in the top 5 as one of their “Best Selling Historical America eBooks”. Very exciting!

Lilac Temptress competes with other best sellers in the category, so it sometimes disappears from the home page. However, you can click HERE to see the screen capture of Lilac Temptress’ position. also has a special sale where you can get 10 ebooks at a low price, and an additional one free if the book is marked with a little crown on the synopsis page. More detail is given about this special deal on their FAQ page.

The site might be worth checking out if you love romance books and are looking for a huge variety.

Click on the images below to see a larger version:


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