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20th February 2015

I had a very wonderful opportunity to meet and befriend one of the reviewers, Mare Senses (her pen name), of The Huntress. She is an aspiring author from Canada and I was one of the lucky few to read her work in progress called, “Love from Afar“. This is a very promising work as the concept is intelligent, fun and unique. It is a modern day mail order husband novel and it hooked me from the first paragraph. To check it out visit: Her first book teaser!

What is also cool is that she is an avid reader and has a new book blog site, Marebare’s Book Shelf, which is totally worth checking out. You can also find her on Facebook! Before Mare ventured into writing a novel, she was writing fan fiction based on a soap opera. That is what got her started with writing and it inspired her to write something else besides fan fiction based on favorite characters.

Get to know Mare! Here’s her bio:

“I am an avid reader and grew up reading books a majority of my life. I was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta and moved out to Toronto, Ontario when I was 18. Looking for a better life you might say. I always knew that I was going to be a writer but ended up doing other things besides writing. If I had started writing earlier in my life, I wouldn’t be struggling to make ends meet. It happened and there wasn’t much I could have done. You just need to do what seemed right at the time. Looking back, I wished I had started writing but it is what it is. Live life to the fullest. Maybe it was time for me to make a change as I realized, that I can make it as a writer if I took it seriously. I am now and I cannot wait for my first novel to take shape and a life of its own. I currently have ideas and titles for my next two books and I hope that I will get a good vibe about my upcoming novel. Maybe it is just the kick I need to get it done. Take care everyone and God bless you all for reading.

After all, readers are an author’s best friend. If you don’t have them, who do you have to encourage and inspire you to continue on the path you have created for yourself. Looking forward to writing more and generate books that you can all enjoy.”

Mare Senses

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