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17th January 2015

Hello Romance Readers,

I am looking for passionate reviewers who love passionate romances. Will you consider reading The Huntress, a good read for someone seeking a little bit of intrigue with spice thrown in? The ebook will be gifted via if you are interested. I am also running a giveaway as well for $50 Amazon gift cards throughout 2015 for those of you interested. The synopsis is below

Kaitlin Hawthorne is the daughter of Astor Hawthorne, a powerful industrialist, whose company Hawthorne Industries controls the patent rights to a large percentage of current technological advances. While Astor’s plan was to groom Kaitlin to assume the CEO position upon his retirement, their ethical and philosophical differences have caused Astor to have some doubts as to Kaitlin’s suitability for such a leadership role. Kaitlin’s life has been further complicated by her relationships with Marcelo Alesi, the young tech savant whom Astor raised as a son and protege, and Nathaniel, the COO of the company. When she breaks up with Nathaniel, Kaitlin begs Marcelo to run away with her so she can find herself, eventually assuming a new identity, “The Huntress”.

Sought after by Fortune 500 companies, Marcelo Alesi jeopardizes his future by choosing to cruise the world with his billionaire boss’s only daughter. But the reformed playboy never expects to become a target of a top-secret international organization that threatens to unseat him as Kaitlin’s greatest passion. With his secrets unraveled, how much farther will he go to keep Kaitlin in his life?

A steamy story of two people fighting their desire and need for one another while driven by their ambition.

Adult language and love scenes (18+)

Thank you so much for your consideration! Take care!

Kind regards,
Elizabeth Davis

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