Origin Houston, Texas, 1974
Author When I was eight years old, I penned my first novel for an elementary school project. It was called Silly Excuses, a book about wonderful excuses that young children may give their parents when misbehaving. I not only passed the project with flying colors, but my teacher was so taken with the book that she had it published in the school library. I’ve been writing ever since and I’m currently the author of the Sanctorum Order series, which consists of thrilling contemporary romances.
Family I currently reside in The Netherlands with my husband and young son. Oh, and let’s not forget my cat, Hermes, who is also a valued family member.
Interest My greatest loves are parenting & writing. But I also love watching romance dramas, anime, and sci-fi movies. I binge read many books, but particularly enjoy reading paranormal novels of all kinds. I love baking “healthy” sweets. I’m also a video gamer and techie too!


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