Writing to music inspires me. It helps me feel the emotions of my characters as I come to know them. Music sets the scene in my mind as if I’m watching my characters in a movie. It’s the connecting force that makes me a part of an unfolding story that I’d like to share with you. Below I’ve shared some songs with you that I listened to while writing The Huntress, which helped me bring forth passion, emotion and realness. I hope you find something on this list that you can enjoy.

Here’s my writing playlist. I occasionally update it with a variety of Electronica artists as I write new novels. I hope you enjoy it!


My favorite DJ has a great Electronica playlist that you might enjoy. Just click the SoundCloud icon to be inspired! the-huntress-elizabeth-davis

I love Pinterest. I keep boards filled with hobbies, interests and entertainment pins. Maybe you’ll find something cool here too! To recommend a good book or movie please drop me a line via email. More boards!

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