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25th January 2015

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite


The Huntress by Elizabeth Davis is a love story that has love, suspense, mystery and intrigue in a compelling read. Kaitlin is the only daughter of a wealthy industrialist. Marcelo, Kaitlin’s childhood friend, loses touch with her when he reaches college. His lifestyle changes and he gets into partying and wild ways. Kaitlin’s father, Astor Hawthorne, always knew about Marcelo’s IQ level and capabilities and wanted to groom him in a way to take over his company one day. Though Kaitlin tries to reconnect with Marcelo and talk him out of his wild ways and partying, she does not succeed. She then meets Nathaniel, who proposes to her. Will Kaitlin marry Nathaniel or will she reconnect with Marcelo and start a new life? The plot has many dimensions, with love, mystery, conflict, a secret organization and many other twists that will keep readers glued to the book.

I enjoyed the story as the author has woven many twists and turns into the main plot, keeping the story alive. There are lovemaking scenes in the story which have been expressed aesthetically, not making it sound vulgar. The writing style is classy and elegant and the author does a good job in connecting all the twists and turns into the main plot with expertise. There is a lot of passion in the characters of Marcelo and Kaitlin and they are well portrayed.

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