Readers’ Favorite – The Huntress – 5 stars!

4th January 2015

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite


The Huntress is a sensual contemporary romance written by Elizabeth Davis. Kaitlin Hawthorne is the daughter of Astor Hawthorne, a powerful industrialist, whose company Hawthorne Industries controls the patent rights to a large percentage of the current technological advances, which concerns the young woman. While Astor’s plan was to groom Kaitlin to assume the CEO position upon his retirement, the father and daughter’s ethical and philosophical differences have caused Astor to have some doubts as to her suitability for such a leadership role. Kaitlin’s life has been further complicated by her relationships with Marcelo Alesi, the young tech savant whom Astor raised as a son and protege, and Nathaniel, the COO of the company. When she breaks up with Nathaniel, Kaitlin begs Marcelo to run away with her for a year so she can find herself.

Elizabeth Davis’ contemporary suspenseful romance, The Huntress, combines adventure and romantic intrigue as Marcelo and Kaitlin defy her father’s wishes and get away from his control over them. Davis’ characters are well-defined, and I was soon involved in their efforts to make sense of their lives and their somewhat stormy relationship. While there are a number of steamy and passionate scenes between the two lovers, they are well-written, realistic and tasteful. Davis’ writing flows smoothly and makes reading The Huntress a real pleasure. From the first moments, when the tearful Kaitlin appears at Marcelo’s door, the plot grabs the reader and doesn’t let go until the last pages. I enjoyed reading The Huntress. It has a pleasing mix of romance, suspense, intrigue and tech that kept me absorbed in the plot and entertained. The Huntress is highly recommended.


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